Adirondack Economic Forum

ALPL’s Adirondack Economic Forum Facebook group is designed to be an advertising platform for the Adirondack Region’s Small Business Owners, that are also Year-Round Residents.

ADK Small Businesses as well as environmental groups/501c3’s, museums, galleries, and communities of the Adirondack Region of Northern New York and its Foothills (up to 10 miles outside the park’s boundary, as the crow flies) to advertise their Services, Goods and Events.

*This is Not an Online Garage Sale!
* This is a Group Established with the Sole Purpose of “Advertising” Goods, Services and Events
* Banners, Links to Business Pages and/or Websites Encouraged
* No More than One Post Per Day
* Keep it Classy
* Once again, Advertising is Reserved for Year-Round Northern New York Residents Only!
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