ALPL Partners

Please, if possible, help support Adirondack Low Peaks and Lands’ Adirondack Environmental Partners/Soldiers!
The work these organizations have done, and continue to do, is priceless and in many cases only made possible because of folks like you, that love the Adirondacks!
Whether it’s through a generous donation of your money or time, it is always welcomed and appreciated!  If you can’t help through a donation of money or time, there are many other creative ways one can help to preserve and protect this unique region of the world!
Doing our part will help to ensure the benefits of the Adirondack Park for future generations, through Conservation, Protection and Preservation.

If you know of other Adirondack Environmental groups, that would like to be added to ALPL’s Partner’s List, please send info through our Contact page.

*Click on a logo to view their respective website!

Adirondack Council

The Nature Conservancy

Adirondack Research

Lake George Association

Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program

Ausable River Association

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