ADK Low Peaks and Lands

ALPL’s Facebook Group ADK Low Peaks and Lands was created nearly 8 yrs. ago, in May 0f 2015. Now with over 23,000 members, our group has become a favorite social media destination of Adirondack enthusiasts, from around the park, state, country and world!

All too often the low peaks and lowlands of the Adirondacks are overshadowed by its High Peaks Region. Not to mention how over-crowded they have become, and the issues they’re facing because of it!

One of the goals of this group is to relieve some of that pressure, by offering alternatives. Also, not everyone is capable of hiking a High Peak, and there are so many other beautiful areas of the park to explore!
Folks that are not capable of ascending higher peaks and those who have children, are often looking for new places to explore and introduce their kids to the wonderful world of Nature!

ALPL is also about other activities that we enjoy in the lowlands, such as camping, canoeing, kayaking, SUP (Stand Up Paddling), biking, festivals, fairs, concerts, galleries, museums, etc…

This group was created to honor all of these areas, that we’ve come to love, through photos, paintings, drawings, writings, recommendations, trail info, maps, links to articles/websites, etc..

So, if you’re seeking new adventures, from those that have actually walked the walk, some of the most stunning Adirondack photography, great info and fellowship, then look no further! Join ADK Low Peaks and Lands and invite your friends and family!

“Covering All Things ADK Below 4K”

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