Another Day

Melting ice beats to a sacred rhythm, as the Sun’s warmth awakens the land from a cold night slumber. The nocturnal ones give way to the day shift, as sounds from the Northern Forest commence their daily numbers. A cool mystical fog lies thick on the receding snow, from the lack of a stiff wind to guide it through the old growth, that has yet to be found by the logger. The Maple has gathered its sweet flow of liquid life, to reenergize for another season, as the hawk on its limb spots the first morning meal, creeping out from last year’s leaf, and another day of life begins here in the Adirondack Low Peaks and Lands…

-C. H. Eldridge 

© Charles Henry Eldridge
“Cooper’s Hawk”
Queensbury, Warren County
Adirondack Park, Northern New York, USA

© 2023 Adirondack Low Peaks and Lands, All Rights Reserved…

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