ALPL’s Cover Photo of the Week

Congrats to our Facebook Group Member Diane Foote!
Her image has been selected to be our Cover Photo of the Week!🌲
“Old Cabins on 9N”
Corinth, Saratoga County
Adirondack Park, Northern New York
“Covering All Things ADK Below 4K”
Adirondack Low Peaks and Lands
ADK Low Peaks and Lands
Adirondack Economic Forum
*If you have any info about the history of these cabins, please share with us in the comment section below.
We’d love to hear about it!

© Diane Foote
“Old Cabins on 9N”
Corinth, Saratoga County
Adirondack Park, Northern New York

© 2022 Adirondack Low Peaks and Lands, All Rights Reserved…

7 thoughts on “ALPL’s Cover Photo of the Week

  1. I sent this post to my friend Geri Ide.
    I am pretty sure her grandparents owned those cabins and the adjoining land. I think it’s still in her family. Hopefully she will get in touch with you.


  2. Hi! My name is Geri and yes, this 400 acre property was once owned by my Grandparents, Don and Winnie Boggs, my Mother’s parents. I spent many childhood summers there!! I cleaned those cabins as chambermaid for the summer tourists! Also mowed the fields with my Grandfather’s two tractors. Wonderful memories! Would love a copy of this image!! The place used to be called Bogg’s Riverside! Had a car wash and before that a roadside stand that sold electrocuted hot dogs, ice cream and pies!!


    1. Great history, thanks for sharing!
      My dad was born in Corinth in ’43. I’ll have to ask him if he remembers this. Electrocuted Hot Dogs? lol
      If you join our Facebook group ADK Low Peaks and Lands, you can get in touch with the photographer about getting a copy.


    2. Hi ! My name is Patricia IDE ! I moved there in 1946 and grew up making beds in these cabins all thru high school ! My Mother Winona Boggs always inspected my work and if it wasn’t to her liking , I was sent back to do whatever I missed. We moved there in about 1946 / 47 ! !! We had a road side stand also that served lunches and home made pies ! I waited on customers while my brother Loughran Boggs ate ice cream in buckets ! Russell ( my older brother helped Dad plow snow in the winter all over town and also our big driveway ! He also helped Dad ( Donald Boggs ), run the sawmill ! It was a great time to grow up on the Hudson River where we all swam !


  3. My family … Donald , Winona , Russell , Patricia ( me ) and Loughran moved there in 1946 ! It was right on the Hudson River and in the summertime , people came to sleep in those cabins !!


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