The Adirondack Human Experience

All of us that are blessed and fortunate enough to enjoy the Adirondacks, and have benefited from its healing power, do so in various ways…

Some like to hike, feeling a hands-on connectedness to the land. Meandering through its forests, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature, with a rewarding view of a remote pond or from atop a mountain.

Some prefer to cruise her waterways, savoring solitary moments gliding along the water’s surface, enjoying the glistening Sun, while the sounds of the aquatic inhabitants surround you in a chorus of song.

Others enjoy traveling her roadways, taking in all the wonder and splendor of passing views, without the hassles of pesky insects to interrupt moments of pleasure.

Some love taking in the park’s towns and villages, appreciating the architecture of structures built from a time long ago. Festivals, parades, carnivals, music, theater, restaurants, museums, and countless other activities are enjoyed, and bring folks together in a celebration of the Adirondack Human Experience.

Most of us, that are able, enjoy all these things and many more! For those of us that aren’t, no worries, there are countless accessible Adirondack adventures for you as well…

The list goes on and on, of all the ways we can enjoy this remarkable miracle on Earth, we call the Adirondacks!🌲

© 2022 Adirondack Low Peaks and Lands, All Rights Reserved…

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