ALPL’s Capital of the Month: Speculator

Speculator: A Brief History

Archeological evidence found in this area, such as spear and arrowheads, have led scientists to believe that it was once the hunting and fishing grounds of the first Americans.
Mohawk and Algonquin people would travel to the North Country, during the warmer parts of the year, from their villages located in what is now the Mohawk and Hudson Valleys of Central New York.

© Kent O. Smith Jr. – KAOS Imagery
“View up the Kunjamuk River”
Speculator, Hamilton County
Adirondack Park, Northern New York, USA

The Village of Speculator is located within the Town of Lake Pleasant in Hamilton County, New York.
Speculator, named after the nearly 3,000ft. mountain that rises just to the south, is the only incorporated village in Hamilton County, which was made official in 1925.
Locals often refer to the village as the “Four Corners” because of its intersection of Routes 8 and 30.
Before being renamed, this area was known as Newton’s Corners, after store and hotel owner Joel Newton. The name was changed, because there were already too many Newton Corners in the state.

More articles on Speculator, our Capital of the Month, will be published periodically throughout February, so check back often!

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