ALPL’s Cover Photo of the Week

Congratulations to our ADK Low Peaks and Lands
Facebook group member Mark Frederick!
His image has been selected to be
ALPL’s Cover Photo of the Week!🌲

Mark writes…
“Six years ago, in May of 2017 – these two common loons were about to start taking turns on their nest (Holly Lake, Town of Bleecker).
My wife Joan, and I are finishing work on an informational and photography presentation that we will be holding at the Amsterdam Library on May 25th – all about our pair of loons – and their two precious eggs – the time before, during, and after nesting on our lake during the spring and summer months of 2017.
2017 was the last time the loons nested on our little lake, and they’ve been sorely missed. We did have a lone loon last year, and I was hoping it was awaiting its mate – or a new mate, but ultimately, I never saw more than one – and it …finally left.
They’d been a fixture on our lake for over 15-years (looking back in my camp journal), and I observed/photographed them from my canoe for many, many years, especially from 2014-2017.”

© Mark Frederick
“A Couple of Loons”
Bleecker, Fulton County
Adirondack Park, Northern New York, USA

© 2023 Adirondack Low Peaks and Lands, All Rights Reserved…

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