Greetings from Northern New York

Hello fellow and future ALPL members/followers!
For those that do not know, my wife Amanda and I are the two souls that work behind the scenes here at Adirondack Low Peaks and Lands.

Our mission has always been, and will always be to…

• Highlight the other equally, if not more, beautiful areas of the park, including its foothills, that are overshadowed by the High Peaks Region

• Support Northern New York’s Small Businesses, including, photographers, writers, artists, artisans, etc…as well as our museums, galleries, libraries, local gov’t and environmental organizations/groups

• Give ALPL-loving folks alternative adventures, where they’re not meeting 20-50 people on a trail or waterway and finding it hard to park

• Help relieve pressure on the over-used High Peaks Region and lessen impact

These are the reasons why we ask that you include the town, hamlet or village, with each photo that you share in our fb group ADK Low Peaks and Lands. Familiarizing members with these overshadowed ADK communities, makes it easier for them to find and want to visit them!
It’s all part of the plan…🌲

We also have a more recent group, that we’ve started on facebook, called the Adirondack Economic Forum or AEF for short. It’s a platform designed for regional year-round residents, that own a small business, to advertise their goods and/or services to those of us that seek them, as well as a platform for our museums, galleries, libraries, local gov’t and environmental organizations/groups, etc… to post upcoming shows, events and notices.

To this point, we’ve built ALPL with no money, countless hours, patience and great content. Being an established outdoor photographer/writer on Facebook, prior to this adventure, along with the connections I’ve made since joining in 2009, has given us a slight edge on growing this one of a kind idea.

Our fb group, ADK Low Peaks and Lands, began 7 yrs. ago this past May, and now has nearly 22,000 members! Now these numbers, in comparison to some of the groups you may belong to, may seem small, but I am sure we would’ve reached 10’s of 1,000’s more by now, if we had chosen to spend money on advertising. I call ALPL 100% Adirondack Organic and am proud of it!

As you know, the Adirondacks have touched many lives and continue to everyday. Our group has members from around the park, state, country and world. In fact, we have members from every continent now. I had been saying to my wife for a few years, that all we need is for a scientist stationed in Antarctica to join and we’d have members from every continent, and don’t you know, about two years ago one did!

ALPL has definitely been a labor of love…and continues to be. Amanda and I look forward to continuing our success and increasing our followers, members and brand. I made my first attempt at a logo and I think it turned out well, but there’s always room for improvement.
Ya can’t please everyone…

Demand is high for branded merch, so that looks like the next step. It will help propel us even further, opening up more opportunities to support this one of a kind region of the world, that I and my family has revered and called home since the 1700’s.🌲

Be well, peace be the journey and enjoy the ALPL! 🌲
Charles H. Eldridge
Founder/COO of Adirondack Low Peaks and Lands

“Covering All Things ADK Below 4K”

© 2022 Adirondack Low Peaks and Lands, All Rights Reserved…

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